Thursday, March 13, 2008


I promise I will post about something interesting soon. But isn't this weird? I guess movies and TV are cheaper than other forms of entertainment, or so I'll persuade myself. And I have seen some good movies in the past three months: There Will Be Blood, Harold and Maude, Murmur of the Heart. But can the same be said of the hours of Project Runway and The Office? Probably not! At a whopping 37.3%, television is clearly my cultural priority! Something needs amending.

Other notes: Though live music makes up a nice chunk of this pie chart, don't be fooled. Andy Friedman and the Other Failures and Boy Crisis make up a disproportionate amount of my musical agenda. And though that experience might help me someday write some sort of treatise on American Masculinity, I doubt it's enriching my life or elevating my taste.

Well, this is silly. But comments are encouraged! What do you think your pie chart would look like?

*Correction: On the chart, "Reading" means "going to a reading," not "reading books," which I do a lot but didn't think counted.


Lauren said...

um are you FOR REAL with this?!! ha!

several questions come to mind, including:

1. how did you know how to make this?
2. why were you making this at 6 in the morning?!

owen said...

1%: Project Runway.
99%: Dishes.